About Us

About Jog Of Your Life
As I began to enter the latter period of my life, I started to noticed random aches and pains throughout my system that couldn’t be pinpointed to any particular area. I remember, specifically, waking up on certain days with uncomfortable feelings of pressure and pain located in my knees, shoulders and wrists. I knew that something had to be done. Although many of my friends had undergone surgery in the past, they never seemed to be able to keep the inevitable symptoms of age at bay regardless of what medical professionals advised. My life changed when I decided to join a gym when I saw an ad in the paper targeted towards people in their senior years.

The first day that I arrived at the establishment after signing up I witnessed dozens of people my age, and even some that were older, in amazing shape. They were jogging, lifting heavy weights, getting their heart rates up, and most importantly, having fun while they were doing it. That’s when I began to notice the benefits of exercise on the body–specifically jogging. Once I began to devote myself to this daily practice to turn it into a habitual behavior, my health began to work in my favor instead of against me.

Why Us?

Simply put, frequent exercise and staying active, specifically for people that are in their older years, is the catalyst for creating optimal health and immune function within the body. In fact, research is now being released showing that habitual exercise can lead to an improvement in overall health, strength, clarity and mental stability in people of all ages. Individuals that don’t partake in this activity, however, are statistically more likely to experience issues related to their health and even depression.

Our main goal is to push you out of your comfort zone in order to embrace a new way of thinking and operating throughout your days. Strenuous activity, although intimidating and scary at first, can be one of the most rewarding activities that one can engage in as they get older. Your age doesn’t have to be the limiting factor into what friends you can interact with, what activities you can perform, or what events you experience throughout your life. When you decide to stay active with us, the only limiting factor in your life will be your personal imagination!

We provide an extensive array of tips, techniques and procedures that can be incorporated into any exercise routine or plan. If you’ve got the will, we’ll provide the way! And if you find that one particular plan isn’t for you, that’s fine! We have other options available to our followers.

Control Your Destiny

The main benefit I’ve noticed since starting this adventure of staying fit and incorporating jogging into my routine is how much control I have over my life. Being in optimal health allows me to place my concentration on the task at hand as opposed to being fearful of my next medical appointment. If you’re living in a state of fear or nervousness, I encourage you to explore the benefits of staying active.

When was the last time you were able to go for a quick jog right before the sun went down? How long were you able to play with your grandchildren the last time they came over to visit you? How many times have you had to cancel certain plans on account of pain or being uncomfortable in your own skin? These are all areas of your life that can be greatly improved through the power of moving your body on a regular basis.

If you’re tired of being a prisoner in your own body, much like I was years ago, then you should consider the options available to you. The weight of regret weighs more than the temporary discomfort you will experience by trying something new.