If you like running as much as I do, eventually you find out that regular socks just aren’t good enough. Your feet sweat too much, they slip into your shoes, and you suffer from blisters. If you are serious about your body, you need to find the best running socks on the market.

Below you can find an article that will help you choose the product that fits your needs the most. I have also put together a comparison table with the three best products.

Best Use
Feetures Men's Light Cushion No ShowBest Men's Product5/5Click here to check reviews, ratings and pricing on Amazon
Feetures! Elite Light Cushion No Show For WomenBest Women's Product5/5Click here to check reviews, ratings and pricing on Amazon
Injinji Run Lightweight No Show XtralifeBest Toe Socks5/5Click here to check reviews, ratings and pricing on Amazon

These models are the most versatile out of those I have reviewed. Its material is thick, but soft, which means that it is excellent for both short and long training sessions.

Feetures Men’s Light Cushion No Show: The versatile option

Feetures-Men’s-Light-Cushion-No-Show-Socks-With-Tab1 The flat seam and the thick yet soft material of the productss mean that this is a very versatile product. If you like short workout sessions as well as long runs, and you don’t want to buy separate products for both activities, the Feetures Men’s Light Cushion No Show are for you.

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ASICS Nimbus Classic Quarters: A Traditional Look

 The Nimbus Classic Quarters are neither no show, nor knee-high models. They reach around the middle of your ankles. They are well designed, with a nice, traditional look.

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ASICS Kayano Classic Quarter: For Endurance Training

 The Kayano Classic Quarters are excellent for long distance training. They are durable, thick, breathable and comfortable at the same time, which is a rare blend of qualities on the current market.

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Wigwam Men’s Ironman Flash Pro: For Short Workouts

 This product is pretty well designed as you would expect from a product affiliated with Ironman. They have seamless toe closure, a feature that ensures that your toes will remain healthy and comfortable. These models have patches of mesh, they have breathable mesh insteps as well as mesh on the top of the feet except the laces, which are protected by a bit more thick material.

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 Injinji Run Lightweight No Show Xtralifes: The Best Lightweight Toe Socks

 The Injinji Run Lightweight No Show Xtralife are toe models that come in five different colors. They have excellent moisture management. The management system and the soft material of the product means that there will be no blisters developing on your feet while you are playing your favorite sport.

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 Thorlo Unisex Thick Cushion Running Crew Sock: Not The Best Lightweight Models

 The Thorlo Unisex Thick Cushion Running Crew Sock is a thin sock, however it could be lighter. Even though it is thin, it doesn’t allow your feet to breathe as much as other products on the market.

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Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crews: The Lightweight Option

The Hyper Thin Mini Crew is the lightest model in the world. They are not the most durable, but they are excellent for short training sessions, or if your shoes are a bit tight. The Mini Crews feel cool on your feet. Even during hot summer days your feet will remain cool and ventilated in them.

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Drymax Run Mini Crews: The Cool Option

 The Drymax Run Mini Crews come in two colors, black and grey/white. These models have a great design. The have an odor control system, which keeps your feet hygienic and prevents bad feet odor. The footwear remains dry during the workout thanks to the breathable mesh material they are made of.

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6 Pair Pack New Balance Women’s NS6 Expression Sock: The Value Option

 The New Balance Women’s NS6 Expressions come in a package of six, which makes them a great value buy. Even though they can be bought for a low price, they have a solid design. They only come in two colors, one is an all-white one, the other is a simple white with a hint of other colors like blue, red and yellow in it.

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 Injinji 2.0 Men’s Run Lightweight No Show

 The Injinji Men’s Run Lightweight No Show toe socks are made of excellent materials, they contain 55% polyester, 40% nylon and 5% lycra. Thanks to this particular blend of materials the toe models allows your feet to ventilate, your sweat turns into vapor and your feet remain dry. These models are also pretty good at preventing blisters.

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 Drymax Maximum Protection Run Mini Crew: The Thick Model

 The Drymax Maximum Protection Run Mini Crew has a very advanced design that ensures that you won’t develop blisters, your feet will remain dry no matter what. The models fit your feet perfectly and they don’t slip into your shoes. The models even have an “Active Odor Control System” which ensures that bad feet odor will be kept to a minimum.

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Balega Hidden Comfort Tab: Extra Sole Protection

 The Balega Hidden Comfort Tabs are very popular thanks to their outstanding design. The toes are connected with the rest of the sock by a hand-link seam that is so flat that these are advertised as seamless models. Badly designed seams are one of the biggest cause of injuries to the skin on your toes, so your feet won’t get injured in these products.

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What are the features of the best products?

Each pair of running sock is designed with a different purpose in mind. There are versions that are perfect for long distance running, as they are thick and durable. There are models that are not as durable, but they are thin and provide better ventilation as a result. If you know what kind of workout you will take part in, you will have a much better chance of choosing the best product.

Running socks can be made of many different types of materials, the two most popular are nylon and polyester. There are models that have other materials, such as the Injinji Men’s Run Lightweight No Show, which contains 5% lycra. Some products have added materials, for example the ASICS Kayano Classic Quarters have a special nanoglide yarn inside the heels of the models. These yarns give extra protection to your legs, they minimize the impact that the ground has on your joints, this makes the ASICS Kayano Classic Quarters perfect for running on concrete, or other hard surfaces. The Balega Hidden Comfort has additional plush cover at the sole of the products. If your soles ache while you run, these models are for you.

The best products have areas made of mesh. These are extremely important, these areas allow your feet to ventilate. Your feet are going to sweat a lot while you run, the mesh lets the sweat evaporate from your feet. If your footwear got wet, your feet would be defenseless against blisters, not to mention that sweaty feet are not hygienic, and smell bad. The models might slip into your shoes during the workout.

The best products have extra features that help deal with sweating. Some models have anti-odor systems, like the Drymax Run Mini Crew, or the Drymax Maximum Protection Run Mini Crew. This system helps prevent bad odors that inevitably appear when you run.

Blisters are one of the main problems that runners suffer from during their workouts. A blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction) according to Wikipedia. The biggest reason why blisters develop while you run, is that the wet socks rub against your feet. In order to prevent blistering, you need products with excellent ventilation. This ensures that the sweat evaporates, and your feet remain dry. Some models have anti-blister systems, like the Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crews. These products are one of the best at removing sweat from your feet.

The temperature at which you want to work out is going to determine your choice. There are warm, thick models that are perfect for working out during the winter, like the Drymax Maximum Protection. These products are great for endurance training, as they are thick and durable, they are less likely to get damaged during long workouts.

As far as looks go, there are two kinds of models. There are the ankle versions, models that don’t reach over your ankles. These are very fashionable and modern. Other models are more traditional looking, these reach higher than your ankles. These are better for working out in cold weather. One of these is the ASICS Nimbus Classic Quarter.

Another big problem with regular versions is that they are prone to slipping into the shoes. The models prevent this by having thicker necks, and wedge above the heels of the models. The neck would mos likely be enough to protect the models from slipping into the shoes. The wedge not only adds more protection, but it also gives you a chance to pull the products back up if they start to slip down. The models from Feetures, Wigwam, and Drymax all have a wedge over the heels.

The best models fit your feet as much as possible. The left and right feet models have to be different, they have to fit each feet perfectly. Arch support is also important, the Injinji Run Lightweight No Show Xtralife has one of the best arch supports out of the products I have reviewed. Other models protect your arch with different methods, for example the Drymax Run Mini Crews have arch compression.

The thread count of the models matter a lot, the higher the thread count, the stronger and softer the product. The product with the highest thread count is the Features Men’s Light Cushion No Shows, this model is also one of my favorites.

Another feature that can either make or break your experience with a particular model is the seam between the toe and the rest of the sock. If the seam is bulky, your feet will get blisters. All models on the website have seamless toe attachments. One of these models is the Wigwam Mens Ironman Flash Pro, a product affiliated with the Ironman triathlon race.

The best models have extra protection on the top side. This is where the model comes into contact with the laces. The laces are not as comfortable as the rest of the shoes, it is very important that the models have additional protection in these areas.

There are toe models and regular models on the market. Toe models are tricky, they feel strange the first time you try them on. The key to toe socks is to choose models that are not too thick. Thick models would pull your toes apart, which would make very it very uncomfortable to wear them.


With so many models on the market, it can be hard to find the one that fit your needs the most. I hope you found the article useful. Enjoy, and have fun running!

Here is an infographic that contains all the information about what to look for in the best running socks.